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Flash with Ty Fitzgerald, Miss Rodeo Tennessee 2011
Photo: William W. Rosen, Franklin, Tenn.

Waylon with Flash and Buzz Rabin at
Willie Nelson's Picnic

There is no need to tell you about who Waylon was.  Buzz Rabin was on Electra Records and I was playing bass with him out on the road.  This picture was taken at Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic in 1974.  Buzz had a record out that was riding the charts down around San Antonio and we were lucky enough to play on the show.  Forty bands were invited.  More than sixty showed up.  We almost didn't get on that show.

Flash with Mac Wiseman  

Mac had a giant crossover hit record of "Love Letters in the Sand"  That song was later covered by Pat Boone. Pat had the slick "Pop" version.

Flash with Johnny Darrell

Johnny was a real song man.  His songs were covered by more Country Singers than anyone else of his time. Everybody wanted to know what he had been up to when they were looking for a hit song.  He was one of the first "Country Rock Singers". Some say that somewhere in between what Johnny Darrell and then Gram Parsons were doing was where the whole Cosmic Cowboy Outlaw Redneck Rock Movement began.

Flash with Rusty Adams AKA Koko the Clown  

Rusty was on the road with Grand Ole Opry stars, Webb Pierce and Earnest Tubb over the years.  He grew up around Sarasota, Florida the summer home of Barnum and Bailey Circus.  He learned to dress as a clown and did jokes on Webb's country shows.  He wrote a song with Jimmy Day, "Birds Fly South" and it was recently recorded by Willie Nelson.

Flash with Marijohn Wilkins.  
She wrote "One Day At A Time" and many other hit songs.

Flash is here with old-time bango player, Leroy Troy.

Here is Flash with (from left to Right)Captain Midnight, Marshall Chapman, and Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns.  Captain Midnight as he was known is gone now but he was a great friend and confidant of Waylon, Kinky Friedman and Tom Paul Glaser.  Also he was a great Radio Personality and Music Historian and will be terribly missed.  During one period at a radio station where he was working the music director tried to tell him what songs to play.  He locked himself into the studio and  played the music he wanted until they broke the door down and made him stop.  He was a great personal friend of Flash.

Marshall Chapman has a hard edgy country rock sound along the lines of Waylon and Willie.

Wayne Jackson is the leader and arranger for the Memphis Horns.  This group played on hundreds of records over the years especially many the R&B hits.

Flash with Lee Clayton
Lee wrote "Ladies Love Outlaws" that Waylon had a hit on and he also wrote
"If You Can Touch Her At All" that Willie recorded.

Most of the pictures on this page were taken by CJ Flanagen.

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